The 2014 Ford Focus has massive transmission problems. So massive, in fact, that it is the main reason for the vehicle’s appearance on’s list of worst vehicles to own.

Steering Issues

Power steering failure plagues the 2014 Ford Focus as well. The typical cost of repairing the power steering system is more than $2,300 and unfortunately, owners report having issues fairly early on. The average mileage for a complaint is about 70,000 miles, according to

Vehicle Service Contracts

After the manufacturer warranties for your 2014 Ford Focus come to term, you may want to look into purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract. These aftermarket warranty programs can help protect you from steep costs down the road.

At Complete Car, we offer some of the best Vehicle Service Contracts in the industry and will help you find the best program for your vehicle and your budget. All of our programs are backed by insurance and offer coverage in all 50 states. Our programs are fully transferable, so you aren’t stuck paying if you decide to sell your car. In fact, a Complete Car VSC can help increase the value of your vehicle!

There is a 30 day review period and a prorated cancellation policy, which means that you can cancel at any time and you will not be paying for something you’re not using.

Complete Car Vehicle Service Contracts also come with Roadside Assistance coverage. So you will never be stuck in the middle of nowhere in a broken down vehicle. The Roadside Assistance program also covers trip interruption in the event that you break down away from home.

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