The 2003 Honda Accord suffers from a number of mechanical defects, including transmission failure and interior accessories problems. CarComplaints.com rates this model year the second-worst vehicle to own. Owners of the 2003 Honda Accord report transmission failure at an average of 97,750 miles. A vehicle’s transmission should last over 100k miles. The typical repair cost to replace or rebuild the transmission is around $2,700, which is not cheap.

Other transmission problems reported by 2003 Honda Accord owners include not shifting properly and transmission slipping. Both of these issues are very serious and can cost a lot to repair. Usually, these issues require replacing or rebuilding the transmission, even though the transmission hasn’t completely failed. Unintentional downshifting can also occur in these vehicles before 100,000 miles, which is not only dangerous but can require expensive repairs.

The 2003 Honda Accord also has some other powertrain problems, such as engine failure and excessive oil consumption. Owners can expect to pay a little under $2,000 to repair either of these problems by replacing the engine.

Interior/Accessory Problems

In terms of interior and accessories issues, the 2003 Honda Accord is reported to have stereo and dashboard issues. Many owners report that their stereo backlight went out around 72,000 miles. Often times the only course of action is to replace the entire radio unit and climate control panel for a repair cost of around $500. Some owners reported that their CD player stopped working as well.

Exterior Problems

This model year also comes with its share of body problems. Many owners complain of paint or clear coat peeling off around 100,000 miles. This can come with a hefty price tag if the vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s corrosion or anti-perforation warranty.

Vehicle Service Contracts

After the manufacturer warranties for your vehicle come to term, you may want to look into purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract. These aftermarket warranty programs can help protect you from steep costs down the road.

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