How to Find the Best Deal for a Used Car Extended Warranty

There has been a rise in used cars’ purchases as older cars’ costs seem to continue to rise. The only problem with used cars is they do not often come with any kind of protection for the vehicle. That is why it is good to know that you can buy an extended warranty for used cars. 

We hear a common question: individuals want to know if the amount of money involved in the extended warranty cost is available for used cars. The bad news is there is not a simple way to answer this question. The good news is that we at Complete Car have compiled all the information we could to help our readers and customers understand exactly how each extended warranty cost for a used car is determined. 

How to Find the Best Price for Extended Warranties

The most important aspect of extended warranties is knowing how to find the best price! So here are some helpful tips to get you the best possible price on an extended warranty:

  • Find out what your vehicle’s accurate milage is. You need to have a correct or very close to a precise estimate of the odometer’s current miles to ensure you will receive the most accurate pricing for the coverage you need. 
  • Be prepared to give your VIN. The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a specific number provided to your car by the manufacturer to be traced easily. All critical paperwork from your vehicle’s purchase will have the VIN listed, including your auto insurance card. Even the driver’s side window has the VIN etched into the dashboard or the vehicle’s side door. 
  • Be sure to ask about any discounts. While it may take a little digging to find them, several discounts are available when you know where to look. The best method to get a deal is the simplest one; ask to see what you might qualify for. 
  • If you are trying to decide what coverage is best for you, you first need to understand your courage options. Read all the details of your protection plan or sample contract before making a decision. You will notice that on the agreement, the information regarding any items, exclusions, liability options, etc. 
  • Make sure you understand the details about your coverage. When you are looking for coverage, it is essential to know the details of the plan or sample contract you are researching. Ensure you understand what is covered, what is excluded, and your liability’s limits. 
  • Be sure that you buy from a reliable provider. You have to shop around to find the best prices and the best companies to make sure you get the best deal. When it comes to an extended car warranty company, being one of the best doesn’t come from how expensive it is, like with luxury vehicles. A good company will have the lowest prices offered but will have the best variety. 

How Much Will an Extended Warranty for Used Cars Cost for Me?

This is a question in which the answer will differ for each person. The vehicle and the driver applying for coverage all depend on the price of coverage. While every policy and person is different, the average extended warranty for a used car will range from $350 to $700 each year. Some factors can assist you in determining the price, which are:

  • The amount of your deductible. For most used cars, having a higher extended warranty means that you have a lower deductible. On the other hand, having a higher deductible will have a shorter extended warranty for most used cars. Just as it is with your insurance, the amount you have to pay is determined based on your deductible cost. 
  • Mileage or Age. Often higher prices are associated with cars that have higher mileage or age. This situation is not always the case, though, however. Whether or not this occurs depends on the vehicle. We at Complete Car offer countless older vehicles the coverage they need at an affordable price.
  • Vehicle Type. The type of vehicle also ca determine how much an extended warranty will cost. For example, a Chevrolet would more than likely cost less than a BMW to cover. The best way to understand this is that the higher the policy price is, the higher its price. 

 While these are not the sole determining factors for a policy’s price, they are some of the most critical factors. Talk with one of our customer service representatives here at Complete Car to better help you estimate your costs.

Once it is Paid off, Will I Still Have To Pay for my Used Car Warranty?

There are multiple payment options to choose from for customers looking to get a used car extended warranty. Some of our customers will opt to pay for their policy full at the time of enrollment for vehicle protection, while others take advantage of the no-fee payment plans we offer. 

We offer our customers the opportunity to split up the coverage cost into 12 or 18-month payments without the fear of having penalties or additional fees. If you have a five year policy, and you pay it off within the first year, then you will have four years without any payments, besides the deductible! The deductible is all you are required to pay once you have paid off your policy. 

It is better to protect yourself with extended vehicle protection rather than just waiting to see what happens and worrying when something goes wrong. You do not have the option to make payments on repairs when your vehicle breaks down, so it is much better to lock in at an affordable price and start a payment plan with us today. 

Common Questions for Used Car Extended Warranties

Let’s go over some of the most common questions we hear about used car extended warranties to answer any questions you may have. 

  • What extended car warranty offers the most for the best pricing?

    Complete Car offers several different options for coverage plans. With comprehensive packages that provide everything you need from AC to a supercharger, and even other plans that eliminate coverage on power items such as steering, breaks, and gaskets. Call our representatives to discuss the right plan for you based on your car information and driving habits. 

  • What used or pre-owned vehicles are covered?

    This differs for each company, as some cover all vehicles, while others only cover specific manufacturers. If you are not sure what vehicles a company covers, the best option is to call and find out. If you want to know what plans you qualify for with Complete Car, simply contact us

  •  How do you determine the cost of an extended car warranty?

    The truth is that there are several various factors that will determine the cost of an extended warranty. Some of these factors include the mileage, driving habits, and age of the vehicle. We guarantee that the plan you choose will offer you the protection you need when you choose Complete Car. 

  • What is the difference in cost between a 3rd party administrator and a factory warranty?

    Often the cost for a 3rd party administrator is lower than that of a factory warranty due to their serving as a middle man. This means that a 3rd party administrator will often be searching for a way to profit from your purchase somehow. Complete Car is a direct provider, and we develop our own plans, meaning we search for the best price for our clients while still providing them with the necessary protection they want. 

  • How can I get a quote for the cost of an extended car warranty for my vehicle? 

    It is simple to do so with Complete Car as you can request a quote on our homepage by just entering your phone number, vehicle information, and email. You can then receive a quote for free within minutes!

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