Persistent Check Engine Light: What to Do

Persistent Check Engine Light: What to DoSo you have had your car for some time now, and you have not been easy on the milage over the period you have had it. The car manufacturers and car dealerships all recommend that buyers take their vehicles in for service regularly and not rarely.

Usually, when a car is brought in for service due to the check engine light, a mechanic will need to deactivate that light. This deactivation will happen automatically if the mechanic diagnoses and corrects the issues that made the light activate. If the car does not have any problems left, and the light deactivates manually, the light will not reactivate. There are some occurrences when it does, however. A check engine light that won’t stop activating can be concerning, so what should you do?

When the Light Reappears, Take Your Car Back

You should expect to have to pay multiple fees for diagnostics. It is not a bad idea to go to various locations to have your vehicle looked at. It is the same concept as going to multiple doctors to be sure of a diagnosis.

After going to multiple shops, you may notice that you are getting different answers to what is wrong. You may not notice anything wrong with a vehicle while driving it, while a shop is telling you there is something wrong. Although for most drivers, the reassurance of getting a vehicle looked at is just not simply comforting, they often want to know why a check engine light is on.

We here at Complete Car fully understand wanting to feel safe behind the wheel. The worst feeling is to find yourself unable to afford the necessary repairs your vehicle needs to feel safe again. Our goal is to provide drivers with the confidence that their vehicles will be just fine for any drive.

When the Engine Light Persists

There is a specific code that will be stored in all vehicles anytime the engine light comes on. The purpose of this code is for mechanics to determine what is wrong with a car to fix it. A mechanic retrieves the code through a unique scanning tool. The good news is that no matter if a code is left or not by your car, just because the check engine light is on, there is not necessarily a need for concern. While on the other hand, the bad news is that, depending on the mileage and the vehicle’s age, you will not have a guarantee that your vehicle is safe to drive. That is why you have to be cautious anytime your car is giving off any warning signs.

What Makes The Check Engine Light Turn On?

The most common issue for a check engine light is the emission systems of the car setting it off. The fuel-air ratio sensor is the quickest component known to set off the alert. There could also be some irregularities occurring in the car’s vapor recovery system within the fuel tank. A check engine light may be on for automatic vehicles because the car transmission system is not properly shifting. Finally, the catalytic converter of a car may be in serious need of repair, which can cause the light to come on.

This does not mean that your vehicle is fine just because the systems above have been checked by a mechanic and are all fine; there still can be other issues that may cause the check engine light to come on. The problem could be the onboard computer of your car. The problem with this option is that not all mechanics will notice this issue. This means that when all other options have been exhausted, be sure to bring this up to the mechanic. The mechanic will then have to switch out the onboard computer of your car to test run it. If the check engine light is still acting up, it is not the issue; if it is no longer showing, you found it.

We hope this article serves you with a few ideas to understand better what could be wrong with your car when a check engine light is consistently showing. If you find that the computer is not the problem, then be sure to have a mechanic run the stored codes on your vehicle before you have your next emissions test. That way, you can be sure your vehicle is safe for you to drive. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! At Complete Car, our automotive experts will always be glad to help you with anything you need.

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